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    102204 - Safe Sitter Babysitting

    This course is ideal for current and future babysitters, teaching them the best ways to be safe and keep the children in their care safe. Safe Sitter is a medically accurate babysitting preparation program written by a pediatrician and teaches safe and nurturing care techniques. This course includes topics such as babysitting as a business, babysitting ethics, how to care for children, personal safety, injury prevention, basic first aid, preventing problem behavior, and behavior management. Fee includes the student manual, completion course card, important numbers post-its, flashlight and band-aid dispenser in a Safe Sitter backpack. Participant must attend both sessions to receive completion card. Participants should also bring a water bottle to class. Registration deadline is February 2.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Safe Sitter02/09/19- 02/16/19 9:00A- 12:30PSaBettenhausen Rec Ctr$89/$116Add to Cart11 years to under 14 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103113 - Teen Murder Mystery Party

    The Greatest Show on Earth is a company of traveling performers and Max A. Million's hosting a debut party for the first funfair in the dismal town of Deadwood Valley, but is having a difficult time bringing this eclectic group of misfits together. Nobody gets along, and scandals are brewing around every corner. Max has made it mandatory for employees to attend this festive gathering under the Big Top. This is where your story begins...but where will it end??? Games, snacks, dinner and prizes are part of this exciting night!

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Teen Murder Mystery03/22/19- 03/22/19 5:30P- 8:30PFBettenhausen Rec Ctr$15/$20Add to Cart11 years to under 17 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103303 - DIY Spa Night

    Let's get crafting! We will make and test out a variety of DIY masks, scrubs and spa items in perfect summer scents. Register today and let those creative juices flow.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    DIY Spa Night05/08/19- 05/08/19 6:00P- 8:00PWBettenhausen Rec Ctr$15/$20Add to Cart11 years to under 16 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103307 - Tailgating & Madden Tournament

    Get ready for Superbowl 53. We will make snacks, play games and watch highlights and football movies on the big screen TV. A variety of competitions in the game room (with prizes), Madden on the gaming systems and other fun surprises await. Will you be the king or queen of the gridiron?

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Superbowl Tailgating02/02/19- 02/02/19 5:00P- 9:00PSaBettenhausen Rec Ctr$12/$16Add to Cart11 years to under 16 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103332 - SAT Practice Testing Program

    Improve your score using College Bound approved study materials. Every student benefits from SAT practice and repetition is key when preparing for this exam. Learn the best approach to commonly missed questions and best practices when faced with uncertainty and time constraints. Key benefits of this class include: improved test scores and detailed statistics (you will learn your weaknesses so you can target where you need to study), improved confidence (you will complete full practice SAT tests in this course so you know what to expect) and tutorials (you will be emailed online tutorials in areas where you answered incorrectly.
    Please bring pencils, notebook and calculator to class!
    NOTE: complete 4-hour practice tests are scheduled on March 2 and March 30 from 9:30am-1:30pm.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    SAT Practice Testing02/02/19- 03/30/19 9:00A- 10:30ASaBettenhausen Rec Ctr$225/$292Add to Cart13 years to under 19 yearsAvailableItem Details
    SAT Boot Camp02/23/19- 03/07/19 6:00P- 9:00PTu, Th, SaBettenhausen Rec Ctr$99/$128Add to Cart13 years to under 19 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103339 - Chocolate Tasting Party

    How well do you know your chocolate? Join us as we sample a variety of chocolates, discover the unique tastes of chocolate from around the world and perhaps make a chocolate treat or two...

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Chocolate Tasting Pa02/13/19- 02/13/19 6:00P- 8:00PWBettenhausen Rec Ctr$5/$7Add to Cart11 years to under 16 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103340 - Pizza Taste Testing

    Help decide who has the best pizza in town. Sample a piece from a variety of local pizza places, cast your vote and win prizes. Pizza activities and unique games are part of the tasty fun filled night.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Pizza Taste Testing03/20/19- 03/20/19 6:00P- 8:00PWBettenhausen Rec Ctr$4/$6Add to Cart11 years to under 16 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103341 - Skin Care Clinic

    Learn to nourish and protect your skin...after all it is the only skin you have! How you treat your skin now will greatly effect its health and appearance later! Mini makeovers, samples and hands-on demonstrations are part of this fun filled class. Clinic is led by certified beauty consultants.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Skin Care Clinic05/01/19- 05/01/19 6:30P- 8:30PWBettenhausen Rec Ctr$0/$3Add to Cart11 years to under 19 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103342 - Protect Your Peeps

    Protect your peeps from being destroyed, as you destroy the others. Build fortresses, catapults and shelters; then let the marshmallow battle begin! All peeps will be provided. Who will have the last peep standing?

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Protect Your Peeps04/10/19- 04/10/19 7:00P- 9:00PWBettenhausen Rec Ctr$7/$11Add to Cart11 years to under 15 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103343 - Cupcake Wars

    Bring on your inner baker. We will provide vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, fillings, frostings and a variety of toppings. You decorate and create a mini masterpiece for the judges. Bring extra items if you wish!

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Cupcake Wars04/24/19- 04/24/19 7:00P- 9:00PWBettenhausen Rec Ctr$10/$13Add to Cart11 years to 14 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103345 - I'm Awesome

    I'M AWESOME! workshop gives girls a chance to come together to make something extraordinary happen in their lives, as well as in the lives of those around them. We work in age-separated groups as well as all together to grow their infinite possibilities. Through arts, crafts and hands-on cooking, our girls encounter new forms of creativity and self-expression that will transform into a stunning sense of self-esteem. Girls will be making lunch as part of the event. $20 material fee payable to the instructor the first day of class is required.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    I'm Awesome02/10/19- 02/10/19 2:00P- 6:00PSuBettenhausen Rec Ctr$41/$53Add to Cart8 years to under 17 yearsAvailableItem Details
    I'm Awesome03/10/19- 03/10/19 2:00P- 6:00PSuBettenhausen Rec Ctr$41/$53Add to Cart8 years to under 17 yearsAvailableItem Details
    I'm Awesome04/14/19- 04/14/19 2:00P- 6:00PSuBettenhausen Rec Ctr$41/$53Add to Cart8 years to under 17 yearsAvailableItem Details

    103346 - Let's Party

    Learn Love & Grow Studio Life Skills themed parties are designed for parents who seek community programs that take pride in assisting in raising well rounded children. Our goal and commitment is to inspire your child to be creative and have the confidence to accomplish any goal they set. Your child will wear many hats during our parties, such as party decorator, food prep squad, host, guest, server, presenter, energetic clean-up crew and the party planner. Special guests will join us at each party.
    Please note: each workshop has a different theme, menu, table settings and crafts. $10 material fee payable to the instructor the day of class required.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Let's Party02/10/19- 02/10/19 9:00A- 1:00PSuBettenhausen Rec Ctr$40/$52Add to Cart6 years to 16 years 8 monthsAvailableItem Details
    Let's Party03/10/19- 03/10/19 9:00A- 1:00PSuBettenhausen Rec Ctr$40/$52Add to Cart6 years to under 17 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Let's Party04/14/19- 04/14/19 9:00A- 1:00PSuBettenhausen Rec Ctr$40/$52Add to Cart6 years to under 17 yearsAvailableItem Details

    303037 - Board Game Nights

    Try your hand at different board games supplied from the Gaming Goat. Staff will be on hand to teach you the latest in strategy based games, hot new trends in the board game market and classic games with a twist. Recreation Center membership or daily pass is required for entry.

    DescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Cart IconAges      Status      Single Icon
    Board Game Nights01/17/19- 01/17/19 6:00P- 8:00PThBettenhausen Rec Ctr$0Read Notice11 years to under 17 yearsUnavailableItem Details
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